The Epimetrics Group: About

  • Overview

    The Epimetrics Group develops and deploys cool Internet technologies to meet the needs of collaborative groups doing complex data management tasks.

  • History

    The Epimetrics Group has been delivering web solutions since 2001, building on a long evolutionary experience of its principal, Stan Kaufman, MD.

  • Technologies

    The “Epimetrics Epicenter” platform is a flexible set of integrated web tools that delivers vertical-market oriented solutions for collaborative communication, data collection and management, project management, web site authoring and maintenance, and workgroup organization and deployment. These tools are built on robust open source applications in use by a worldwide developer community. This approach allows The Epimetrics Group to deliver solutions that are not only tightly customizable to clients’ specific needs, but also are far more cost-effective than other high-end “enterprise” systems.

  • Clients

    Because we provide a complex product with considerable ongoing operational assistance, our client base is small but loyal. It has expanded by word-of-mouth without any marketing staff. To date, our clients fall into two main groups.

  • Services and Pricing

    We deliver complex, integrated, collaborative web sites and applications via several deployment alternatives.

  • Contact and Privacy Policy

    Here is how you can contact us for more information.