The Epimetrics Group: Features

  • People

    The most basic function of a collaborative web site is handling the people who use it. The Epimetrics Epicenter platform makes it easy for people to join the site and be granted the appropriate superpowers that allow them to do what they need to do.

  • Groups

    Groups provide the fundamental organizing principle for an Epimetrics Epicenter site. Behind the public areas of the site lie as many groups as are needed to accomplish whatever it is that the site is about. Each group gets its own slice of all the functionality that the platform provides. Members of a group share, communicate, and interact with other members of that group completely separate from the activities of any other group.

  • Communication

    The Epimetrics Epicenter platform offers a number of tools to create and manage external communication with site visitors as well as internal communication among group members. Here is a brief overview of these tools and how you can use them to author content. You can of course see the end result for most of these tools by seeing them in action on this web site.

  • Events

    Every collaborative effort ends up having meetings, conference calls, or other events that need to happen in real life, not digitally. The Epimetrics Epicenter platform provides a robust system that handles the entire life cycle of such events and integrates them into the rest of a group’s collective memory.

  • Documents

    Probably the most used feature of the Epimetrics Epicenter platform by our clients is our Documents management system. It provides tools to handle the complete life cycle of collaboratively-authored documents.

  • Data

    The Epimetrics Epicenter platform offers several tools that perform certain aspects of online data management. These tools focus on particular segments of the clinical trial management space relevant to smaller scale, exploratory studies and surveys.

  • Custom Tools

    The Epimetrics Epicenter platform and the robust tools upon which it is built give us the capability to create interesting and novel special applications running within a collaborative environment. These applications all leverage our particular interest in collecting and analyzing data. Here are some examples from sites done to date that illustrate the kinds of custom tools we can deploy.