The Epimetrics Group: Solutions

  • Clinical Research Consortia

    Clinical research consortia spanning a large number of academic and community medical centers needed ways to collaborate as they performed clinical studies and to communicate with sponsors, investigators, and patients. Here’s what we delivered.

  • Personal Health Record Startup

    “Personal Health Records” are online sites that enable patients to record and use their own clinical information. We’ve partnered with John Spertus, MD MPH at the Mid-America Heart Institute to create a new startup that tracks cardiac patients’ health status using John’s premier health-related quality-of-life measures. Here’s how we did it.

  • HRQOL License Management

    Health-related quality-of-life (HRQOL) measures are increasingly important in clinical trials, particularly those included in new drug device applications to the FDA. Sharply increasing demand to license his leading cardiovascular measures for use in such studies forced John Spertus, MD MPH away from his all-paper management process to an online system. Here’s how we built it for him.

  • Nonprofit Landowners Web Site

    A nonprofit environmental organization focused on preserving the small remaining parcels of original prairie wanted a collaborative tool to help organize work projects, integrated with simple GIS tools and biological assessment capabilities. Here’s how we approached these objectives.

  • Environmental Advocacy/Legal Group

    An environmental legal/educational advocacy nonprofit needed online collaborative tools to organize its teams of staff and volunteers into nimble project-oriented groups handling complex and confidential cases and programs. Here’s how we accomplished this.

  • Neighborhood Association

    A neighborhood association wanted a public web site with information about the neighborhood, integrated with private communication facilities for use by members of the association alone. Here’s how we were able to deploy this using the Epimetrics Epicenter platform essentially right out of the box.