The Epimetrics Epicenter platform includes a Studies package that can be deployed within each Group.

Each Study is associated with a data collection tool — to date, these have been online surveys, but other types of of forms could be developed.

Enrollment Management

The Study package handles these aspects of subject enrollment:

  • Subjects can be added to the Study’s database one-by-one or in bulk.
  • Added subjects can then be invited by email using configurable email templates that include links back to the web site — to the study data form and also to refuse to participate.
  • Configurable automated reminder emails can be sent out at defined intervals.
  • Automated thank-you emails are sent when subjects complete the survey.

Data Access

Once data are saved within a Study, study admins can browse the data via paged tables or download the entire dataset in comma-separated-value files for import into whatever analysis package you use — Excel, SPSS, SAS, or R.

Collection Tools

Custom data collection tools are readily developed within our platform. We’ve developed several variations of generic questionnaire-authoring systems, but our current approach is to create separate forms for specific study tasks because the generic system results invariably failed to produce the precise nuances that clients want.

We have deployed various kinds of complex data forms supporting

* conditional fields
* slider interfaces
* other dynamic Javascript-based behaviors

In short, the Epimetrics Epicenter platform embeds Survey Monkey-like functionality into your own site.

Created: September 15, 2009 19:48
Last updated: March 08, 2010 21:41


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